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HSBC Junior is a banking apps for kids and youth, the apps concept is using an old ways to save money, that is the use of “Jar”. I divided the Jar into Saving Jar and Dream Jar. Saving Jar is the general saving feature, you can save and take the money whenever you want, but Dream jar is more like time deposit. You can only take your money within 1 year on Dream Jar. I also include some attractive games about money to help kids learn about money.

Problem Statement

HSBC bank products are aimed for the general public who are legally eligible to become customers of the bank. However, as people's welfare improves, HSBC sees an opportunity to introduce their services to the younger generation. The problem that arises is that the product is currently not appropriate if it is aimed at children because of different needs and so on. Current products have drawbacks in terms of getting started quickly, lack of access to learning about money, and complicated ways of storing money. Therefore, we need a new product that is able to solve these problems.

From the problems we found, we can conclude that the problem statement is: How might we make saving more fun, so that the kids are interested and learn it easily.

User Persona

I use proto-persona to recognize user images in the design process aims to save the time in a comprehensive research process.


User Flow

To make it easier to see an overview of the user flow of this product, I describe the steps of each feature of this product through a wireframe.


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