All right, i'll try not to make this too formal but let me tell you my journey.

I've spent my college years as a Computer Science student and learned a lot in that time. Although I got a lot of knowledge from college, but most of it is about programming, and after doing it I don't think I'm very talented at it. If I remember correctly there was only Human-Computer Interaction subject in my class which covered a bit of "Design Knowledge". Yes, as we know at that time, it seems that there was no computer major that teaches a quite complete of design knowledge.

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So where did I get my design knowledge from? I learned about graphic design since I was in high school, I made logo designs and other things, this continued when I was in college and made it a hobby. I also use this graphic design knowledge in the campus organization that I attended when I was in college. In my last year of college I discovered the intersection between my hobby and my major, that's where I got to know UI/UX Design, I found that this field was interesting for me and still in the tech environment, since then I've been pursuing this field. So yeah, thanks to the internet for helping me with design references, getting knowledge from senior designers, and also online courses. I know what I have is far from enough, so I will keep learning to be better.

- Khalid Fajri


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Universitas Diponegoro

Sep 2014 - Apr 2019 — Semarang, Indonesia

Completed a Bachelors in Computer Science.


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IT Quality Assurance

at Astra Credit Companies

Nov 2019 - Apr 2021 — Jakarta, Indonesia

Being part of IT Architecture & Governance Department. Ensuring the quality of IT processes according to standards by conducting audits in the IT division. Processing and maintaining IT's Documents (Standards, Policy, Work Instructions, etc). Providing data to external Auditor.

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Marketing and Communication Intern

at Undip Career Center

Oct 2018 - Jan 2019 — Semarang, Indonesia

Working around with marketing team to build a fabulous company branding especially through engaging visual (mostly for social media and website content).

Currently Developed Skills

Some of the abilities I used to evolve in this field

💍 User Experience Design

💎 User Interface Design

🔬 User Research

✏️ Wireframing

🤖 Prototyping

🎯 Usability Testing

✨ Design Thinking

💡 Creative Thinking

⚙️ Analytical Thinking

💬 Communication

🤝 Collaboration

⏳ Time Management

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